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It's been a wild ride of summer! So far it's been Birmingham, Nashville, Jacksonville, Puerto Rico, Charlotte, Dothan, and Panama City Beach. I'm tan...word.

We just got back from Puerto Rico and are crashing at our sister and brother-in-law's house in Brevard, NC right now, commuting into Charlotte during the day for interviews, to check out housing, and to get things squared away at Gordon Conwell. 

We met with our advisor yesterday and I cried...2 times. Once during his closing prayer in our meeting and again when I was standing in a classroom. When I was a little 17 year old girl, I longed to go to a place where I could receive a Christian education, giving myself fully to the learning of scripture. It was important to my dad that I earn my college degree at a secular university first. Going to seminary has been a near 10 year dream in the making. I am excited - crying level excited - to have a consecrated season of studying and understanding God's word. Thank you seems too small of a phrase for all of those who have encouraged, poured resources, and helped Daniel and I get to this point. Nonetheless...thank you. 

A few things to celebrate so far:

  • Our classes have lined up so that I can continue to work a near full-time job during the semester & we will have a lot of room in our schedule to travel for speaking & worship leading opportunities
  • Daniel and I are getting to take the majority of our courses together
  • WE GOT THE TEAM MINISTRY GRANT SCHOLARSHIP! This scholarship is available to married couples who are enrolled full time at GCTS. It gives me a partial tuition scholarship. 
  • Some great housing opportunities are on the horizon. We found a flyer for a home on the student job board at GCTS. The house is a 2 bedroom, on an acre of land, and the rent would be low enough that the money we save can help cover the other half of my tuition! It's a local family home that is used specifically to bless GCTS students. We tour it on Saturday, and I'm praying it's the perfect fit. Daniel and I have also narrowed down the search to 3 apartment communities and 1 townhouse. Please pray that the we find a home of peace to live in where we can study together, a place that Avery pup can play, and a place that we can gather new friends and host community nights. 
  • My contract graphic design work with FundtheNations has been steady and so enjoyable! I have a second interview at another part-time opportunity on Monday that I'm excited about. Please pray that the perfect work situation irons out for us to be able to graduate debt free while we earn our degrees. 

The next few weeks:

  • Decide on housing
  • Decide on jobs
  • Buy books, start working on syllabus work
  • Have a big fat Nashville Yard sale
  • If time allows, spend some time in Nashville visiting with friends, flipping some furniture pieces, and writing

Our deadline to be in Charlotte full time is Aug 22 (orientation), but we are praying things work out to land sooner. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and don't forget to sign-up if you want to stay posted with our newsletter.

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