Author // Daniel

I have had countless friends try to convince me to sign on with Spotify, and I still never touched it. Apple Music knocked on my door politely once, and it only took the click of a button (since my credit card info is already stored) for the free three month trial. I took a quick look around, which turned into a long look around…all my high school and college years of music, and dreams of music I thought I might own one day (like the entire catalog of Led Zeppelin…which I now have). I am sold. Here are my top three reasons:

1. For You

The genius of Apple Music starts here.

By asking for a few of my favorite genres & artists, the “For You” section was not just interesting. It was dead on. Playlists from artists I love and had forgotten about. New music from artists I have never heard of but after listening to, was totally sold. And the greatest part? It costs me nothing to add their music to my collection.

The point is, I trust “For You”, and therefore it works. Like a good friend who has the same taste as me; I want to listen to their opinions (artists), their new mixes (playlists!). Adding to that, the fact that the heart button on songs, albums or artists only fine tunes and diversifies the “For You” section further, let’s just say it’s a keeper.

2. My Music Integration

One reason I never wanted to get Spotify is a lot of the same reason people with Spotify don’t want to switch to Apple Music: it’s MINE.

I have years and years of music uploaded from CDs, tons of music I bought with my own hard earned money, and playlists that are special to me and unique to certain seasons of my life. Part of the joy of being a music lover is the hunt. Exploring to find that new song that you heard on a TV show and have been looking for forever, or one you hear by chance and can’t explain why you connect with it so much — but just have to buy it. This is MY music.

One of the most beautiful things about Apples Music to me is the ease of adding anything to the My Music I have had forever. There is this ownership aspect that feels as though I am still the curator, just like I did before, but now with access to every song I could ever want (except for the Beatles…). It’s like my previous Apple experience on steroids. It’s not even that different. Just better (infinite options). And easier (pay once/mo & press a “+” button).

3. Siri Integration

This sold my sister.

She is a long time Spotify user, sucked in with their free trial littered with ads, who decided to pay to stop being annoyed (thank you for not doing this Apple). I was trying to talk her into it all weekend, but she just wasn’t buying it. One night after she put her two kids to bed, she said “we need some music while we cook dinner, but it needs to be something mellow so we don’t wake up the kids.” My ultimate selling technique popped into my mind. “I wonder if this will work,” I think to myself. I hold down the home button on my iPhone and tell Siri “play me a mellow playlist.” Immediately, Siri answers “playing Halftime Naptime Mellow Mix.” Modest Mouse (one of my sister’s favorite bands, which she introduced me to ten years ago) comes on with “Gravity Rides Everything”, probably their most chill song, and she is sold.

The playlist continues with The Shins, Jose Gonzales, Elliott Smith, and the Postal Service. These are some of my favorite artists. I have tried it out more since then, and love the convenience. Try it. Tell Siri to play a playlist to workout with, or fall asleep to. It’s hard to beat.

My One Suggestion?

Allow Spotify users to transfer their playlists over (that can’t be that hard, right?), so hundreds of thousands of people like my sister won’t be so hard to convince.

Thank You, Apple

The truth is I have wanted to jump on the subscription train into the future with everyone else, but between not being convinced by Spotify, and not wanting to part with My Music in Apple, I never made the jump onboard. Thank you Apple for not just creating, but integrating a lovely service into what I already loved.