Or, for you losers out there, it could be said, "Why I have & how I use an android, tablet, laptop, and personal computer". 

Technology is an important part of my life, and so over time I've ended up with more gadgets then (at first) I knew what to do with. At different seasons we bought different items (iPad when we needed a hotspot at the farm...iMac when my dad was selling his because he didn't need it anymore), causing some of our tech items to fall into disuse. I'm in a new rhythm where I, surprisingly, now use all of my Big 4 (iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, and iMac). Here's my break down of usage.


I mainly use my iPhone for texting, phone calls, social media, health, reminders, bible study and photography apps. My favorite photo apps are enlight, vscocam, pictapgo, and phoster. I'm huge on myfitness pal, a health app that helps you keep up with calories and fitness. Bible apps. I love youversion, a bible app with a million versions and daily reading plans. I'm getting into First5, an app that shows you scripture right when you wake up, and She Reads Truth, a devo community for women. I also use my phone for the etsy seller app so I can respond to clients quickly and check on stats. 


This guy is a trickster. I use to not use my iPad at all after we didn't need it for a hotspot anymore, but this summer he has found his place in my lineup. I currently use my iPad most for reading, graphic design using Paper, taking notes with Evernote (with a portable keyboard), my clothing organizer (Stylebook) to pick out outfits, and Netflix. A word on taking notes: I'ma  new seminary student, so note taking is a part of my life again. This time around the info is way over my head and going a million miles a minute. I type 75 WPM, and so as much as I want to whip out the old pen and paper...I need to stick with typing to keep up. I'm also in a lot of meetings and feel kind of like a jerk if I'm constantly on my laptop, typing notes. There is something less obtrusive and more approachable about using an iPad when your taking notes in meetings.  Daniel and I don't have a TV, so it's so nice to pop up Netflix in bed or on our coffee table while we share a meal on the couch. I also occasionally use it to ustream a service that I'm speaking at or Daniel is playing at. I just prop it up and walk away. 

I'm about to betray all of my 'real' book friends (and I'm still a HUGE fan of real books), but I've started reading books on my iBook app. There are some books that I definitely want a hardback copy of, like a really beautiful edition of Pride and Prejudice. Daniel and I have the top shelf of our bookshelf lined with Barnes & Nobles beautiful collectable line of classics, and I hope for that to grow. But some books aren't particularly pretty, and when you live in a small space, you need to keep the book count to a minimum. For example, I love Francine Rivers, but think her book covers can be kind of cheesy, plus they are insanely long. This summer I read the second Mark of Lion book on my iPad, and absolutely loved being able to carry that around as appose to a 600 page printed book. 


Old Faithful has been a part of the tech family since 2011. My Macbook pro is my lifeline. I do most of my photo editing (Lightroom), graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator) and writing (Evernote) using my macbook. I'm a huge fan of working in coffee shops and around town, so it's so nice to be able to 'bring my office with me' when I'm tired of working from home. I also use this guy for church services to project Pro Presenter, and at times Planning Center. 


This huge guy is set up in my new office. Sometimes my work gets really detail oriented, and it's so nice to be able to work on graphics on a big screen. I use this guy to work on graphic design, writing, and photography from home, and love the massive workspace. You'll occasionally see me enjoying an episode of Parks and Rec from this dude too. 

So, that's my tech wrap up. I hope it helps you decide if you really need a tablet, or laptop, or whatevs to help your workflow and daily life :D.

Grace and Peace