My heart swells with good news. Daniel and I have been awarded partial merit scholarships and will be transferring to Duke Divinity School, a part of Duke University, in the fall of 2017 to finish our Masters of Divinity. We will be moving to the heart of Durham, North Carolina and plan on being full time students. 

That's the short. The long is that we love and cherish our community in Charlotte. We've had the most beautiful two years here, and we move forward with very full hearts. I got to pastor a bright group of teens at Warehouse242 that challenged me in all the right and best ways and Daniel played music every week for the first time as a full time director of modern worship at Assurance UMC. We cut our teeth with theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and are so sad to transfer out from such an incredible school that has given us a phenomenal education. The choice to transfer schools was tough, but right. As we look to the future and our dream to serve the local church, Duke was - after much debate and prayer- a better fit for our family. At Duke, we will get to learn the maverick church planting strategies under the leadership of new Dean Elaine Heath, and for the first time in our academic career we will be able to solely devote ourselves to our education. We have the opportunity to be a part of the incredible field placement program at Duke, where every summer we will get hands on experience of pastoring and building the local church. 

Not to mention - Durham is cool! We will be living in the heart of Bull City, biking through the majestic Duke Forest every day to class, and spending our weekends at Eno state park. From startups to the best coffee/foodie/stationary shop this side of the Mississippi - we are pretty pumped about the next leg of our journey taking place in the New South type of city that we want to be a part of. We are dreaming and scheming, and with fear and joy - saying yes to the great and wild call of God on our lives. 

Last day of the semester at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. 

Last day of the semester at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. 


Over the summer, along with some traveling and visiting family, Daniel and I will be completing a 17 house show tour as we continue to raise funds for our adoption. Our adoption is on track and we are 3-5 years out from starting our family. We will start our home study this summer with our amazing and supportive agency, Lifeline Children's Services

If you placed an order with us for a shirt, mug, vinyl, CD, or coloring book from the online campaign, we'll be delivering all of these goods at house shows as we travel throughout the southeast over June and July. At the end of the tour, we will mail off the purchases of anyone we didn't get to visit with at the house shows. Please let us know if you need your purchase sooner, and we're happy to pop it in the mail. 

Here's the lineup:

June 4 - Lucas, TX

July 17 - Nashville, TN

July 18 - Nashville, TN

July 19 - Birmingham, AL

July 20 - Dothan, AL

July 22 - Marianna, FL

July 23 - Orlando, FL

July 25 - Huntsville, AL

July 27  - Charlotte, NC TBD

July 29 - Washington DC TBD

Aug 2/3 - Brevard, NC TBD

We'll be traveling with a group of musical friends for the Hidden Nation House Show Tour.

We'll be traveling with a group of musical friends for the Hidden Nation House Show Tour.


Over the summer, Daniel and I will be on a walk-about. We are traveling to Texas to visit with some beloved family and do a house show, then we will be camping out for June in a few national parks, the Yukon, and Alaska. While we Sabbath this summer we're going to take a break from social media (with the exception of tour updates) and will be keeping you guys updated thru this blog and our newsletter. If you'd like to receive our newsletter, you can sign up here: